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CoffeEMug Media

The Audiovisual Boutique Company
Our Catalogue

Coffee mug media in short

CoffeeMugMedia is an Audiovisual Boutique
Company born to navigate the stormy waters of
contemporary cross-platform content.

Innovative and proudly Made in Italy,
we operate in IP Creation, International
Co-Productions and Distribution.

innovative & unique FORMATS

CoffeeMug Media is committed to provide sparkling & cutting-edge content across all genres, platforms and formats. And, next to our original products, you will find the RSI – the Swiss Italian public TV broadcast – original formats (of which we are the exclusive distributors worldwide). Roam the catalogue freely: there are both proven and brand new formats: games, reality, factual, travel, dating, etc… Through the CoffeeMug Creative Factory – and its 100 AV students guided by the best International professionals, this wall will constantly change and evolve with new and fresh content – so be sure to come back every once in a while for the latest updates!

our catalogue


TALPA CONCEPTS and the COFFEEMUG MEDIA CREATIVE FACTORY are excited to announce their Creative Partnership.

The 80 students of the Factory, belonging to the best Italian Universities & Media Schools, aim to develop their most inspired ideas into formats that people will love all over the world. As of John de Mol: “Even though it’s more challenging than ever to create a hit show in the current media landscape, I still believe there are ideas out there that can go big”. The CoffeeMug Media Founders believe this partnership will empower younger generations to become the creators of the global formats of the (near) Future – and they are thrilled to see what’s next.

Just1Letter has premiered with a 54,6% Share!

The new game SOLO1LETTERA (Just1Letter) has premiered the 30th August on LA1, the first channel of RSI, the public Italian Swiss television, with the amazing share of 54,6% in access prime time. It will be on air daily till 24th December, for 85 episodes.
2 contestants who play together give their brains a workout by trying to complete mesmerizing word chains. But there’s a twist – every new answer is the same as the previous one, except for 1 letter!

The Creative Factory has been given the last summer brief, see you in September!

The students of the CoffeeMug Media Creative Factory – coming from the Universities of Scuola Holden, the University of Bologna, the University of Roma 3 and the Master Fare TV of UNICATT Milan – have received their last brief for this season – that will last for the whole month of August instead of the usual 2 weeks! They will work on it throughout the whole summer and the next sessions will resume in September! Ad Maiora!

YouCentre has been renewed for its second season on the Swiss Public Television

YouCentre, for which CoffeeMug Media has the worldwide distribution, is due to go on air for its second season in Access Prime Time on the Swiss Public Television from the 5th of July onwards throughout the whole summer. For this second season there will be a new host, more spectacular locations, drone shots and new gaming mechanisms!

Just1Letter has entered its production on the Swiss Public Television

Just1Letter, born from a Co-Production between CoffeeMug Media and RSI, has entered into production on the Swiss Public Television and will go on air for 85 episodes in Access Prime Time from the 30th of August till the 24th of December 2021

Italians on the Rise at MipTV 2021

Newly born CoffeeMug Media will make its official debut at MipTV Cannes 2021. Endorsed by global buyers and major TV Industry executives, the Audiovisual Boutique Company is proudly “Made in Italy”. It is meant to navigate the stormy waters of contemporary cross-platform content – and to bring the Italian know-how, creativity and tailor quality to the world of TV formats.

CoffeeMug Media debuts at MipTV 2021

La neonata CoffeeMug Media farà il suo debutto ufficiale in occasione del MipTV di Cannes 2021. Supportata da endorsement di buyers ed executives di tutto il mondo, è una Audiovisual Boutique Company “Made in Italy” pensata per solcare le acque burrascose dei contenuti contemporanei, e portare nel mondo dei format la creatività, la cura dei dettagli e il saper fare italiano.

CoffeeMug Media debutta all’MipTV di Cannes 2021

 what else we do


Our Creative Factory, in collaboration with some of the best Italian Universities, is the fuel behind our innovative audiovisual concepts

Blog & market insights

 Through a simple, “zen” blog, we provide a cozy way to discover the main factors impacting our industry… that you can read over a cup of coffee! 


Through the 30+ years of experience in the industry of the Founders, we offer consultancy and trainings on the world of TV Formats and AV markets

Augmented reality for tv

The drastic changes in technology have led to a potential integration between TV and our Smartphones. It’s time to catch this opportunity

The team

CoffeeMug Media is a joint venture between BIC FORMATS by Axel Fiacco (Producer to watch at MipFormats & MipTV) and EUBRIS – Storytelling company by Alan & Selene Favuzzi.

Empowered by a Creative Factory and a University-led Observatory, and by a partnership with the Italian office of the Law Firm Dentons, the founders leverage on their network and combined expertise in Format creation, screenwriting and project management to create innovative audiovisual products.


we’re glad to have a coffee with you!

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