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‘A man is but a product of his thoughts.

What he thinks he becomes.’ 

 Mahatma Gandhi

Everyone of us has precious thoughts that make life more meaningful for ourselves. If you think about the person or item you love the most, or about a creative idea; or about money – you value all of these things. And your marrow grows up nourished with your blood, all the way through the curves of your brain.

…With whom do you share the ideas that ruin or save your life, each part of which belongs only to you? For example, you wouldn’t tell everyone about your partner, no? Or your sex life? Or a creative idea? What about your family problems?

And – do those people you share your thoughts and ideas with…really listen to you?

Media is a field based on ‘ideas’ probably more than many other sectors. We are in a sector where the question of ‘Who thought what?’ competes all the time, and as if this was not enough, an answer is sought also for ‘Who has thought that before?’ If we go further, actually we are trying to find the answer for “Who thought the best before everyone else, and turned this into a product?!” “Bring me that! Bring me the next big thought before anyone gets it!”

This is an area where if you think similarly it is not acceptable – but when you think too differently, it is utopian – and sometimes you don’t even know what and how to think! 

Let’s not forget that it is the ‘right time’ and the ‘right address’ that are essential for an idea to succeed. It’s like submitting a correctly prepared CV to the appropriate company at the right time for a job application! We cannot move forward with partners who do not “own” our idea as much as we do, and who are not excited for it! Otherwise it would be as coffee beans that could get wasted if they fell on the ground, but they could turn into coffee when falling into hot water! 

What we think is a precious and unique part of us; let’s always pay attention to how and with whom we share it and where it might reach in good and bad prospects.


by Umay Ayaz 

Head of Acquisitions

Global Agency