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AR for TV

the +aumenta app

The next step for Augmented Reality is going to be television, where this technology can be literally a game changer and the next big thing: being the first to use it, empowering unscripted and scripted projects, will give an enormous hallmark that can really make the difference.

Here is where +AUMENTA takes its position with its unique skills.

The advantages of our technology are huge: it is straight and intuitive; it doesn’t need any efforts, new devices or costs from the user (the download of our APP is absolutely free of charge and not tied to a mandatory registration); it is more modern and impactful than SMS, WhatsApp or any kind of Apps; all the extra contents generated by +AUMENTA remain on user’s device (thanks our Markerless technology), permitting him to see them also at a later time, whenever he wish.

Moreover, our technology gives to our clients the possibility to change or modify his AR Scenario and its contents easily and in real time: these contents can be changed by request or organized as a TV schedule modality.

Each genre of format could be empowered with + AUMENTA

Download & TRY the free app here!


FRAME THESE IMAGES with the +AUMENTA App and unleash the power of the AR!