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Creative Factory

young Talents at a good use

The Creative Force behind CoffeeMug Media’s products

The CoffeeMug Media CREATIVE FACTORY: an Academical Project in partnership with some of the best Italian Universities.

The Creative Factory is composed by about eighty carefully selected Media & Communication students that, under the careful guidance of CoffeeMug Media’s Team, develop new & innovative paper formats.

The Factory offers to its students additional and top-notch learning experiences – both with theoretical and extremely empirical approach. The students work side by side with esteemed global professionals of the content industry over specific briefs, in order to create new impactful & innovative paper formats in an organic, unprecedented way.

CoffeeMug Media Factory is born to harness the creative engine of young and brilliant minds – and fit them to the constantly evolving mould of global trends, networking & business opportunities in order to translate them in cutting edge audiovisual projects born for contemporary global markets.



Millennial & Gen Z

Italian touch

Continuous Development

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The Process



We choose the best students of the Universities we teach in


We offer them a dedicated and continuous online course (including lessons with global content top- executives: ranging from buyers to professors, broadcasters & producers)


We submit them detailed briefs coming either from emerging market trends OR from direct briefs given by our potential partners (both Prodcos & Broadcasts)


We debate and brainstorm to spark impactful core-ideas generation


We follow them through the phases of research and testing


We select the best ideas and fine tune & tailor them into concepts


We share the concepts with our potential co-production partners


If a partner selects a concept, we shall codevelop and coproduce it on a project-by-project basis