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Clear up!

The Show that empowers people to let go of the useless!

In times of uncertainty & confinement we retreat to places of comfort. But what if they are suffocating with old stuff? This show will empower people to let go of the useless – and unlock new energies.

How? At a defining moment of crossroad in someone’s life (breakup, loss, marriage, first house, change of job, etc.) a team made up by an interior designer enthusiast PLUS a friend or family member of the guest, will come to their place, tidy up, and then give away to charity all superfluous objects.

All along, providing the viewers with plenty of practical, low-budget, hands-on & do-it-yourself solutions to improve their houses, offices & lives.


  • A weekly lifestyle reality show to let go of the past & make room for the new

  • Capitalising on the mental health & wellbeing trend

  • This makeover show with a psychological touch will rewire the lives of diverse & multicultural guests

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