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find my body

The dating show that’s literally head and shoulders above the rest!

“Find My Body” is a studio dating show where one contestant finds her/ his perfect soulmate by matching the heads of six contenders with their bodies. The contestant will see their real faces and through conversations, imagination and wit, try to match them with their bodies. Each contender has a LED screen in front of them the screens cover their body and reveal only their faces. The system will shuffle their bodies and pre-recorded videos will be displayed on the LED screens that cover them. These videos can be changed by the contestant simply by pressing a button! The contestant will win 1000 euros for each right match and get the chance to take out one of the participants that she/he guessed right on a date with the prize money!


  • A perfect blend between a guessing game and a dating show

  • Presented at Mipcom Fresh TV session 2018

  • Strong visual elements

  • Studio based & easy to shoot

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