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Light my fire!

The only dating show where words are useless... because the body does all the talking!

LIGHT MY FIRE is the only dating show where words are useless… because the body does all the talking! The core of this brand-new, surprising and light hearted program is a special T-shirt (the Love Shirt) with sensors managed by a tiny microcomputer, which reveals the variation of a specific parameter of the skin, induced by the emotional status of the wearer. This means that if the singleton reaches a certain degree of excitement, his/her Love Shirt magically ‘lights up’ (flames appear on it), revealing immediately his/her attraction towards the person in front of him/he. Embarassment, secrecy, taboo – contestants won’t be able to lie, in this funny and unpredictable dating show! Dating shows have never been so funny and unpredictable: Love is blind… and unexpected!


  • 1° prize at the FORMAGINATION – INTERNATIONAL FORMAT PITCH 2018 in Cannes
  • The device of the Love Shirt has already developed and is perfectly working
  • A new touch on the ever green dating show
  • Easy to produce and cost-effective

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