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the world through the smartphone!

Spielberg – the world through the smartphone –is a brand-new, innovative kid comedy show all in POV shot (first person shooter).“Spielberg” is the pen name of a boy (we actually don’t know his real name and even his or her face) who films everything around him with a Smartphone. The series is the result of all these shootings: his storytelling perspective coincides totally with the visual point of view.Spielberg provides a sharp and funny glance at relationships with family and group of peers through the eyes of a 10 years old.


  • Characters with iconic features appealing for both boys and girls aged 7-10
  • Universal & gender neutral values: friendship, talent, passions, team-work
  • Multiple comedy entry point with recognizable leit motifs & situations –
  • High pace and rhythm
  • Cross-media extensions

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