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Training & consulting


We offer a wide range of lectures, workshops, seminars and peer-to-peer training in all aspects of the format business for producers, writers, students and universities – and everybody involved in the creativity process.

WE offer


We teach in some of the best Italian Universities – from Rome to Bologna, to Milan and Turin, and also in Lugano (Switzerland). Our lessons are enriched by guest lectures, best practices, creative labs, workshops and hands-on, practical projects.

Shortlist of our lessons
  • Introduction to International Formats
  • Evolution & History of Formats
  • Business Models of International Formats
  • International Content Markets: Rules, Players & Trends
  • The 4 Content Areas of Formats
  • Crossmedial Content & Formats
  • The 8 main Global Formats Trends
  • Techniques of Format creation
  • How to develop a Paper Format
  • Pitches & Promos
  • Management & Organization of the creative flow
  • Mass media, Myth and Storytelling
  • The Hero’s Journey applied to non-scripted Formats
  • The Hero’s Journey applied to Branded Entertainment
  • The advent of Marketing and the P.T. Barnum case
  • Branded Entertainment, an introduction to its efficacy & impact
  • Analysis & Breakdown of Branded Entertainment case studies
  • Brand Storytelling and the Purpose-driven culture
  • Non linear forms of Storytelling

BUsiness training & consulting

Upon request, we tailor personalized courses for a wide range of business workshops, seminars and peer-to-peer training – in all aspects of the formats business – for producers, broadcasters and institutional entities.

Shortlist of Training & Workshops
  • The full shortlist of University lessons, organized in impactful seminars
  • A Creative Lab on the creation of a Branded Entertainment project
  • A Creative Lab on the creation of an impactful Game Show
  • A Creative Lab on the creation of an impactful Reality & Talent Show
  • All-kinds-of Personalized courses & workshops


We also do peer-to-peer consultancy on a project by project basis – such as assessing formats, paper formats, pilots and promos – or advising on the creative development phase of truly glocal content. Based on our extensive Italian network, we can also act as a service for any production-related need when shooting in Italy.

why us

Axel Fiacco is one of the most expert and skilled format specialists in Italy. He has written 4 books as well as dozens of articles in national and international media magazines and journals and he regularly teaches in several Italian and Swiss universities. Selene Favuzzi, despite her young age, has great experience in Product Placement & Marketing and she teaches and delivers Key Note speeches at Academies of Fine Arts, Universities and MBA Programs.